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Aaron and I were married exactly one month ago today.

It. Is. Surreal.

I know everyone says this about everything important, ever - but it feels, simultaneously, like our wedding was just yesterday and like we've been married forever. It has been the best month of my life and yes, I do say that mostly because two weeks of it were spent traveling through France, Spain, and Greece. I am under no illusion that the rest of my life will be as incredible.

I kid. Kind of.

Though I've long felt that we were family - that Aaron was a perfect extension of me; a missing limb - we are officially family now, and this is the place where we will share our thoughts, our adventures, our news (BABIES!), and whatever else we feel like sharing.

We hope you'll follow along :)

I said this past month has been the best month of my life, and it has - not just because of my incredible, perfect wedding day or the adventures and comfort of my honeymoon - but because I've been lucky enough to find my perfect partner in life, who encourages my whims, supports me as I falter, and makes me laugh so hard you'd think I'd have a six-pack. (Update: I don't.) I hope I have been and will continue to be that sort of partner to him.

Here's to one month and many more months to go!